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The pure beauty of kindness

This is a journal entry from one incredible man with a mission to serve and love every person. Jeff is such a sweet soul and it was evident on this last trip to India. I was able to witness his caring and loving personality as he constantly cared for his daughter that was also on the trip. He always had words of wisdom and he got down to every kids level to show them they are loved.

This entry is a look into Happy Home through a wonderful dad’s eyes.

“Journal Entry 2 – Happy Home is certainly a remarkable place. There just seems to be a spirit of love that permeates the entire campus.  I notice it with the Mamma, Roshan and Rose initially, but it overflows through the kids as well.


I am seeing that Happy Home goes way beyond the obvious purpose of caring for the kids.  It is an outreach and witness to the community that is amazing.


For instance, there was a man (Navene) who heard about Happy Home and inquired about working there.  Navene has had a troubled past, and my first reaction would have to sent him on his way, but Roshan gently and graciously counseled him and decided to give him a chance.  Navene has responded well.  In many ways, he seems like the kids here.  Someone in need of guidance and love.   The timing of his coming was impeccable as well; with the team there, we provided a great example to him on how to interact with the kids.


There is another older gentleman (not sure how old he is, as I think he looks much older than he actually is) that lives there.  His name is Krishna and he is blind.  Apparently, Roshan found him wondering around the town and took him in.   He is always smiling.  I simply love the way the children help him out and show him respect and kindness.  They look after his needs and he seems to love them.  What a beautiful thing to see and be able to share.


Seeing first hand how Roshan showed Christ’s love to everyone, has impacted me.  Young, old, emotionally scarred or physically handicapped, just as Christ did, Roshan, Mamma and Rose accept all.” –Jeff Gouge

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