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Kokilas father abandoned his family when she was very young . Her mother is a daily wage worker and her brothers do not want to take care of her. Kokilla is dependent for most of her daily needs. She is receiving training to learn proper self care.

Age:9Th March 1999
Grade: Home based Education
Disability: Down Syndrome, mental Retardation
Coming from a very poor family Kokilla is stays at Happy Home for her safety as her mother has to work for a daily wage. Kokilla is almost completely non-communicative and completely dependent for all her daily care needs.  
She is our most cuddly character at Happy Home and you will find it hard to detach yourself if she decides to latch on for a hug or hand hold.   She loves to do chores and can be found helping with kitchen work or sweeping , if not, maybe she is stealing a pencil from a school bag.