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How to collect coconuts

Well it is that time of the year again. Coconuts!! All the kids help pick the coconuts on the trees around the compound. There are only a couple of older boys that are designated to climb the tree with a machete in hand. These boys are skilled enough to go up the tall trees and cut the clusters with a machete. Man oh man that sounds so dangerous, but it is just a common way of life for them. There are many people in India that gather coconuts for a living so they spend all day in a coconut tree. If you have never been in a tall tree before they sway a lot, like A LOT so they just have to sway with the tree with a machete. While there are only a couple of kids that climb the trees the other kids will gather the other parts of the tree like the branches and use every bit of it. They use the dried branches to start their fires and also for their brooms. Other children start moving the coconuts to a room to ripen, and they take some to drink the yummy coconut water. At HHH this process is a while event that everyone loves to participate in.

Oh what fun there is to be had in a coconut tree!img_8579

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