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This is a story from a girl on 11215518_794826710616350_700996560533710378_na team to Happy Home, she shares her heart and how Happy Home impacted her. “On my missionary trip to Happy Home for the Handicapped there were many memorable moments. The moment which had the largest impact on me was simple and sweet. Most mornings we would pray with the kids, serve them breakfast, then help them get ready to school. On the fifth morning that I was there one of the children, Kokila, grabbed my hand and led me into the main hall. She then leaned her head against me and we stood in place for about 15 minutes. During this time, I felt overwhelmed with God’s love. I decided to pray about my faith, about my life, about the children at Happy Home, about everything. This may not seem like a big deal but I was personally dealing with cynicism with prayer and had not truly prayed for about seven years. While praying I felt God’s presence there with us and was filled with peace. I think that this moment exemplifies the love that all of the children at Happy Home have for God and all those around them. They radiate with genuine and indiscriminate love, and by doing so they are a gateway to the heart of Jesus. Happy Home is truly a piece of Heaven on Earth”.


Love finds us where we are not where we were” -Bob Goff

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