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Boys Day Out

One of the most amazing things I witness is how Roshan councils the children and treats them like his own. The oldest boys at Happy Home are Roshan’s right hand men, so they get to help him out on all his projects, run errands, and are learning amazing life skills. Every year Roshan takes all the high school boys out for a day whether they are still at Happy Home or have moved on. This year Roshan took all the boys to the beach to have a little fun. They all got to put the world behind them and just be teenage boys for a bit. They wrestled in the sand, played in the water, and enjoyed the company of one another. All the boys haven’t seen each other in a while since most of them are no longer at Happy Home, but they didn’t even skip a beat when they saw each other. You know that friend you have that you can years without seeing, but you can finish where you left off the last time? Well that is exactly how it is for these boys so what I fun thing that they got to do since it was probably encouraging to see where each of them are now and help them through that stage of their life. Some of them are still in school while others have jobs now, so during that time they can all encourage each other through their struggles. I know for me that when I had my tribe of friends behind me there was nothing I felt like I couldn’t do. Having a little bit of encouragement goes a long way and even just having someone believe in you will make you feel like you are invincible. This is exactly what Happy Home is doing for each child that has a glimpse of this home. This home is providing hope to so many hopeless kids that feel like they will just be selling trinkets on the streets. It provides the kids with a sense of confidence in themselves that they can dream big of becoming whatever their heart desires. This day away from their daily life of a high school boy brings refreshment and a sense of encouragement that there are others that believe in them. img_8577

So don’t lose hope. Dream big and know that you have the ability to do anything with God as your biggest supporter.

In Him,



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