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Always Learning

The thing that captivates my heart mostly from HHH is how knowledgable the kids are. They are constantly learning new tricks and they are always so grateful to learn something knew. These kids are so eager to be able to help with anything. As I would look around I would see the kids using every part of their home to learn and play. Roshan and Rose had a couple of arts and crafts days where the kids learned to make bracelets and key chains. This is something so fun for them and also a new skill that they can teach others and make these bracelets for others. They all helped each other, encouraged one another and celebrated at their victory of completed a project. These kids hardly get frustrated and rarely get down on themselves for not doing good enough because they ALWAYS try their best. These kids understand that they are special and everything they do is a work of magnificent art. Jesus is so evident in them because they are humble yet confident in what they do because they know everyone plays a part in God’s plan, and what makes us unique is the role we play. On another day they had an art day where they explored coloring with colored pencils. To us in America this would seem so simple but to the kids in India they were so ecstatic to use a drawing utensil they don’t always get. They each made a beautiful photo and were so proud of what they accomplished. Many kids in america will take multiple pieces of paper to finally get a drawing they are satisfied with, so that leaves many pieces of paper wasted with a few scribbles on them. Those scribbles show frustration, dissatisfaction, and low self esteem. Kids should be taught that anything can be made into art. The kids are the future, so I am constantly thinking on how I can make a difference to show them that they are worth far more than they can imagine, and that their one voice makes a difference. I want kids to start dreaming again and go after their dreams, and to not let people’s negativity bring them down.

“You make beautiful things out of dust” – Gungor

















In Him,


Amelia Fenske

“you are altogether beautiful, my darling, beautiful in every way” Songs of Songs 4:7


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