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A heart to travel

This is a story from an incredible girl. I was able to witness her joy that would radiate everywhere she would go. Her dance moves are impeccable and she would connect on multiple levels to the kids at Happy Home. God definitely had a plan for her in India and this is just a glimpse of what God is doing through her.

“Going to India was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had. I’ve always had a place in my heart to travel and spread the love of God in places around the world to people that have so little, and show them how powerful His love truly is. I didn’t go to Happy Home having any particular expectations other than to show God’s amazing love. I was prepared to see how the Lord was going to use me on this trip. There was no doubt the kids were ecstatic to have us there. However, I didn’t realize how much these childrenĀ  had shown me the love of Jesus. Something I will most certainly hold near to my heart; when we were leaving, the kids were asked to pray for us. They all rushed over to where we were. I closed my eyes to pray along with them, and I immediately felt the tender touch of the kids. They laid their hands on us as they prayed. I remember the feeling of being pulled to the ground. Hands reaching out to me, trying to hold even a finger. I have never experienced people so eager to show me love, willingness and excitement to pray for me. It was the best feeling. I went in ready to see how I could help others, and I came out experiencing love in a new way; feeling so joyful and blessed. These orphans do not have a lot in material objects. In fact, they have very little. But they were so giving. It helps to remind me everyday to love the way Jesus loved. Even when it doesn’t feel easy”.–Libby Rassi

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