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Prayer update

A message from Roshan: “Akshitha has been in the hospital and is hopefully getting discharged tomorrow morning.¬†Unfortunately within 24hours 11 more kids have fallen sick vomiting, we don’t know what made them sick, we been keeping them hydrated, thankfully only two other kids Akshay and Ajay had to go to the hospital. Please pray that

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Jesus is victorious. While at Happy home last summer the team got to witness a little girl coming to Happy Home for the first time. Her parents made the decision to give her a new hope and have her stay at Happy Home. She is bound to a wheelchair from a disability but that didn’t

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This is a story from a girl on a team to Happy Home, she shares her heart and how Happy Home impacted her. “On my missionary trip to Happy Home for the Handicapped there were many memorable moments. The moment which had the largest impact on me was simple and sweet. Most mornings we would

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